my Ogden~Cronin Genealogy
genealogy of the ogden & cronin families of massachusetts
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Top 30 largest localities (total places):

MA (101)
Canada (34)
ME (11)
Ireland (8)
NY (5)
NH (5)
England (3)
Nova Scotia (3)
Maine (2)
France (2)
Burma (2)
MA (The Derby House) (2)
Brookline (1)
corner of Deleware Ave. (1)
Albany NY (1)
MA (listed in 1866) (1)
near Shirley
Peabody (1)
New York
Amherst (1)
RI (1)
(Salem?) (1)
Northport R.R. no.1
CA (1)
A.A. Lowe
probably California
Probably Cambridge
Abt Groton
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